Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bike Race?

Huh, maybe I'll do a bike race this Sunday. I have been on my bike 5 or 6 times in 2007(including three in California just after the New Year), so it should be a piece of cake. Marathon-trained Kevin talked me into it. Katie did one last weekend and did well (after Kevin and I goaded her into it). Last year I did this exact race and worked hard, but not so smart. I led a lot of the race and got left in the dust on the last lap. We'll see if I've learned anything.

The Busy Season

The busy season in my line of work is the springtime, and I have been quite busy. I have been out of town a lot, and busy playing catchup when I have been in town. We went out of town to New Jersey. and had one nice day of weather there before a huge storm came, flooding roads and causing our flight back home to be late. Nothing like getting in at 2:00 am monday morning to start the week off right!
Really the reason I'm posting is to do some more complaining about the weather. I said that Springtime is my busiest time of year, but it has been more like winter here. Last week my bro and his family came to town for spring break and it was cold. We even had a blizzard! I think next year they'll probably go back to Mexico. They got to drive the 855, which was a lot of fun for his family, I'm sure (Uk's Volvo!) but has now left me with a new noise to chase down, this one coming from the left rear spring on my ever-satisfying suspension. Do you think I should take it to the local Volvo-eria? I don't think so. Fortunately, I get to stay in town for a little while, and hopefully get caught up and maybe I'll try to learn the guitar again.