Friday, May 25, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The birds are growing

They are growing bigger but they aren't very noisy or active. I hope they are getting enough to eat.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Now we have baby birds

New Today.. Little tiny birds.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

All my eggs in one basket

We have a birds' nest in our new flowers. Last Sunday we went to the Home Depot and got some flowers for our deck. We got two hanging baskets, and then some other flowers to plant in some pots we have on the deck. By Sunday afternoon our fuschia already had a new admirer, a small red-headed bird and his/her brownish mate took a liking to our balcony. On Monday afternoon when we were watering the plants, there was already an egg in the plant. There was not too much of a nest. Over the last week the nest has been improved, and there are now four eggs. The hanging pot is blowing around like crazy, so I'm surprised that the eggs are not scrambled! I was afraid to water the plant, because the first egg was pretty much just sitting in the dirt, and I didn't want to drown the egg. But I was convinced to water it, and now the nest is better, so I think that they'll make it. I'm still not sure about the plant. I'm afraid of getting my eyes pecekd out by the birds which may or may not be in there when I go to water...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Finally some new blogs...

The Saablog has been updated, as has the European. The Kevin hates running blog has been inactive, but Kevin hasn't been running, so I guess that is why.
In my particular avocation, wind is not too helpful, and can pretty much ruin an otherwise good day. Fortunately wind has been at tolerable levels, and we have been able to get some work done. Today a TV cameraman from a local station came out to videotape the current project, so I'll let my throngs of fans know if, when and where they can see it. (It may only be available on channel 27 tomorrow night at 6:00pm).
A few weeks ago at a local park, i met with a local celebrity, and this picture was taken with my phone... Bucky was really impressed that i was wearing his name on my shirt...
I am alone now during the weeks, as Katie is in LaCrosse, WI. It may not be the middle of nowhere, but it is pretty darn close! Fortunately her rotation is only in clinics, and not in the hospital, so she has good hours and can come back to Madison on the weekends.